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The Q&A CATALOG (above) has most of our pricing & diagrams/ information you NEED to know before you order. Once You Read this, and are ready to order, Start with the Product Finder page (above).  AFTER YOU CHOOSE your parts/ kits, GO TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT (above) FOR SUBSTITUTIONS, COLOR CHOICES, ETC… Need More Help/ Custom Order? Call or Email us at info@easyfirepits.com and be sure to leave a phone number / 813-600-5592 (est)close

About Us

Thank you for contacting Easy Fire Pits. Your questions and concerns are a hot topic for us. Feel free to contact us using the form below and we will get back to you shortly.  If you are having trouble making an order on this site, you can also fill in this form below and request an invoice be sent to you with the products you need (identified below) as well as a valid email, and we will invoice you directly.   Thank you for your patronage and we apologize for any inconveniences this site may create.


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Fire Ring Sizes:

Linear Low Profile “T-Burners” are 1 Pc :

Linear “TB Trough Burners” (Tee w/ Burners) 3 Pc:

Linear 1 Pc Straight Burners:

Linear “H-Burners” 7” wide (dual burner):

Drop In Burner Inserts / 2” Deep Pans with ½ and 1" Surrounding Lip: (inside/cutout dimensions):


“Tiki” Type Gas Torches (up to 6 on a 20lb tank); Shafts Available in 2’, 3', 4’ or 6’ (or any increments of 24”)


Gas Fire Bowls (11” diam): can be daisy chained together


Hose Sizes:

Our Basic Kits Come With 12 Ft Long Hose;
Our Deluxe Kits Come With 3 and 12 Ft Hoses;
Our Pre-Plumbed Kits Come With (2) 3 Ft Hoses;
Do You Need to Change Hose Sizes?:
We Carry in Stock 3, 6, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 50 Ft Hoses: What Size/s Would You Need? :

Did You Want Just Burner Kit; or a Complete Basic, Deluxe, or Pre-Plumbed Gas Deluxe Kit?:

If a Deluxe Kit, What Color Decorative Cover Plate and Key Did you Desire? (same price):

If Deluxe Kit, Will this Key Valve Be Mounted in Material 3” Thick or More? If so, we will need to give you a key valve extension and longer key.

Do You Need Your Order Shipped Outside the Continental US? If so, What Country? We Ship Worldwide
If, Yes Above, To What Country and Zip Code:

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