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HOSES Substitutions/ Upgrades:

NOW AVAILABLE (PRO Upgrades) : If you ordered one of our CK, CK+, ITCK+ or K++ Kits which come with Flexible Thermoplastic/ Rubber Hoses, by clicking the links below you can swap and pay just the difference to Upgrade to STAINLESS Professional Installer Choice Hoses w/ Brass Female Flared Ends.

_PRO Upgrade (CK) Swaps 12′ Thermoplastic Hose to PRO 12′ Stainless Hose w/ 3/8 Brass Female Flared Ends

_PRO Upgrade (CK+) Swaps Both 3′ & 12′ Thermoplastic Hoses to PRO Stainless Hoses w/ 3/8 Brass Female Flared Ends

_PRO Upgrade (ITCK+/K++) Swaps Both 3′ Thermoplastic Hoses to PRO Stainless Hoses w/ 3/8 Brass Female Flared Ends

NEW!! NEED TO CHANGE HOSE SIZES IN A KIT YOU ARE ORDERING?? Now You Can!  Once you put your Kit type in your cart, just click on one of these adjustments below, it will open a new tab, ADD THAT OPTION TO YOUR CART, close that tab, and It Will Adjust Your Order: ALSO NOW AVAILABLE – All new CUSTOM Stainless 3/8 ID Hoses with Brass Female Flared Ends for the Professional / Permitted Applications that can be exchanged for our normal rubber hoses.

Model #: Old to New Size Needed
HE12-2-3 12′ to 3′ Now
HE12-2-6 12′ to 6′ Now
HE12-2-20 12′ to 20′ Now
HE12-2-25 12′ to 25′ Now
HE12-2-35 12′ to 35′ Now
HE12-2-50 12′ to 50′ Now
HE3-2-6 3′ to 6′ Now
HE3-2-12 3′ to 12′ Now
HE3-2-20 3′ to 20′ Now
HE3-2-25 3′ to 25′ Now
HE3-2-35 3′ to 35′ Now
HE3-2-50 3′ to 50′ Now
HE3-2-1SS38 3′ Plastic to 1′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE3-2-3SS38 3′ Plastic to 3′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE3-2-12SS38 3′ Plastic to 12′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE12-2-3SS38 12′ Plastic to 3′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE12-2-12SS38 12′ Plastic to 12′ Pro Stainless Hose Now


Electronic Ignition:

Commercially Approved  AWEIS – All Weather Electronic Ignition System

Not Cheap. SUPER HEAVY DUTY! And when you dont want to use a lighter (or can’t) these are perfect. Can be timer controlled, light switch activated, and throttled via a key valve (deluxe kit). If the flames go out, the AWEIS lights it back up. 

AWEIS MODEL # Inlet / Outlet/ Output BTU’s  
AWEIS-MINI (LP or NG)  3/8″  /  1/2″  /  125,000 BTUs/ Hr  Mini Capacity – works for most  
AWEIS-SC (LP or NG)  1/2″  /  1/2″  /  290,000 BTUs/ Hr  Standard Capacity
AWEIS HC (LP or NG)  3/4″  /  3/4″  /  512,000 BTUs/ Hr  High Capacity  
VULCAN TORCH (LP or NG)  1/2″ Inlet /  25,000 BTUs/ Hr  1/2″ Torch Pole Top/ Feature  


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