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AIR-LG: Our Stainless Large Air Mixer – See Warnings on Using Air Mixers

AIR-LG: Our Stainless Large Air Mixer – See Warnings on Using Air Mixers

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AIR-LG: Our Stainless Large Air Mixer – See Warnings on Using Air Mixers below as well as ILLUSTRATED IN OUR VIDEO BELOW.   We offer as a 2-pack as we wish to be 100% sure you choose the correct air mixer for your installation. When you order from other companies, you must choose the correct one, and most times can be incorrect. EasyFirePits would prefer to make sure you have the correct part for your application and as we offer these separate, we also offer them as a combo pack by clicking here. We don't encourage use of these but do offer them for sale in case you feel you must have one, or have an open bottomed application and feel this is safe for your use.

Can be used for a variety of situations. An air mixer is designed to inject air into propane for a cleaner burn; it may not always eliminate soot, but is designed to greatly reduce it. Air Mixers in our opinion also make fire features louder as you can generally hear the air intake, as well as decrease the overall flame height you might achieve without one. Again, there is a reason to add them and in our opinion a reason to do without one.

Air Mixers are supposed to be installed a min of 2-4 inches from a burner so as to not backflow gas from the pressure, and to be in an area where fresh air is “brought in” meaning a well ventilated area. This air mixer was designed to be able to mount to the bottom of our FRMK (fire ring mounting kit) nipple. It is Male threaded on the input and Female threaded on the output so as to easily mount to our kits. Designed in stainless steel to last for years of use.

DANGERS of using an air mixer fitting can be seen with our in-house video at https://youtu.be/eEh__urnbAs.  YOU MUST CHECK TO BE SURE GAS IS NEVER BACKFLOWING FROM YOUR AIR MIXER WHILE YOUR FIRE PIT IS RUNNING; MUST CHECK AT LOW & HIGH PRESSURES VIA A SMOKE TEST AND/OR CALL A LICENSED GAS PROFESSIONAL.  As Propane is heavier than air, it will “fall” when not being burned. As such, an air mixer fitting opens a normally closed system to allow air to mix with gas, but in doing so, also ALLOWS GAS TO LEAVE THROUGH THE SAME MEANS; back out of the air mixer holes when the fire is turned off. And with changes in temperature, can also evacuate the gas out of the lines to the air mixer down into your fire pit, enclosure, barrel or whatever you have built your fire feature out of.

To Be Safe: You need to have large and adequate ventilation in the enclosure, and it needs to be low in the enclosure, or at the bottom, to allow the gas to fall and blow away when you turn off your fire feature; otherwise the alternative is it will POND until it can either 1) Blow Away or 2) Combust (never good under an enclosure or pit as this can be a 3,500 degree instant flare up causing damage, 3rd degree burns, or worse even death).


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AIR-LG: Our Stainless Large Air Mixer – See Warnings on Using Air Mixers in this videos below:


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Additional Information

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