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AWEIS-HC-LP: High Capacity All Weather Electronic Ignition System 3/4″ Inlet/ Outlet; 512k BTU/Hr

New! AWEIS-HC-LP: High Capacity All Weather Electronic Ignition System 3/4″ Inlet/ Outlet; 512k BTU/Hr

AWEIS-HC-LP: High Capacity All Weather Electronic Ignition System 3/4″ Inlet/ Outlet; 512k BTU/Hr

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Product Description

Available Now and In Stock: AWEIS-HC-LP by Fire by Design. A residential AND commercial proven electronic ignition system. 

How much is your convenience & safety worth?

3/4″ Gas Supply Inlet / Outlet to the burner. By Ordering this you are specifying a High Capacity AWEIS configured for LP/ PROPANE GAS.


(All Weather Electronic Ignition System – High Capacity)

AWEIS HC Flame / Heat Sense: Thermopile Ignition Type: Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug) Ignition Sequence: Intermittent Pilot Ignition Source: Pilot Max. Btu Output: 512K Btu/hr Inlet / Outlet Size: 3/4” FPT Operating Voltage: 24 volts ac Inlet Gas Press. Limit: 0.5 psi Valve Enclosure Dim.: 4 ½” x 4 ½” x 5”(tall)




  • AWEIS-HC configured for Propane/ LP


The AWEIS SC/Mini/HC are the smallest Electronic Ignition System for use in Fire Bowls and Fire Pits on the market today. Its small size, especially in height makes it the perfect match for those features that do not have much room in the vertical.

With a maximum gas output of 512K Btu/hr – which is quite a large amount of gas – it can be used in most fire feature applications.



The AWEIS is designed for outdoor use.

Every component used is designed to be used in harsh outdoor environments. It withstands winds up to 55 mph. Rain and freezing temperatures are no problem for the AWEIS because it uses a Glow Plug for ignition and not a spark igniter. Its solid state controller circuit is designed to compensate for the wind and not allow the unit to cycle on and off  like other controllers. In the unlikely event the fire is blown out the controller will automatically shut off the gas valve not allowing the gas to escape. Our Pilot burner assembly was Specifically designed to prevent water and debris from clogging it thereby ensuring the system operates after being exposed to any Rain or Water Splashing.


The AWEIS is safe.

Because the AWEIS is completely automated there is no need to light it manually keeping your hands and body away from the flames. No more filling up the oil reservoir or re-lighting when the wind blows them out. Just turn them on and the integrated solid state controller takes care of the rest. With the flip of a switch, push of a button from an optional wireless remote control or the touch of the screen on your smart phone the  AWEIS equipped Fire bowl or Fire pit will bring the look and feel of a tropical vacation to your back yard.


The AWEIS is certified:

IAW ANSI Z21.7 Standards” or “Certified Outdoor Fire Feature.

“Certificate of Conformity” available by request.


Over the past two years, Fire By Design has developed an Electronic Ignition System far surpassing anything on the market today. How did they do this? By developing a system from the ground up – keeping in mind the effects of wind and rain at all times during the development process. Listed are the highlights of their new system:

  • Controller (circuit board) programmed to compensate for the effects of wind (up to 50 mph)
  • Thermal Sensing vs. Flame Sensing which further enhances performance in the wind
  • Pilot Burner design that makes it impossible for water / debris to clog the pilot gas line
  • Waterproof Gas Valves and Controller to stand up to the effects of water
  • Small size enabling it to be installed in the tightest locations
  • Removable Pilot Burner thereby making the Igniter / Thermal Sensor a serviceable part

We invite you to view the videos on their website that clearly demonstrate the outstanding performance of their Electronic Ignition System in the most adverse weather conditions.



Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 5 in

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