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Start with the Product Finder page (above) for Clickable Product Links Which Then Open With Info, Pictures and Pricing, then go to Q&A Catalog (above) For Project Ideas & Info. Need More Help/ Custom Order? Call or Email us at info@easyfirepits.com / 813-600-5592 (est)close

EasyFirePits.com Retail/ Wholesale Opportunities and Quantity Discounts



Earth, Wind, Fire & Water!  All CUSTOMIZABLE and with Our DIY Gas Kits you are Ready to Create, or Sell the Ability to Create stunningly beautiful and serene settings.

Our Kits Are IDEAL for:

•Pool Builders
•Granite Shops
•Paver Companies
•For Advertising
•Rental Companies
•Conference Services


RETAILERS… Our Kits Sell & Here are Reasons to Carry Us:

  1. Our Kits Make You Money & Produce Additional 50-75% in Ancillary Sales Every Time; Pavers, Concrete Board, Lava Rocks, Glass, Pea Gravel, Concrete, Wood, Metal Studs, Screws, Propane Refills (to say a few).
  2. Our Kits Are Ideal For: Men, Women, Seniors, Students, Lower, Middle and Upper Classes, Anyone with a Backyard or a Home.
  3. Our Kits Make Great Gifts. They are great for Camping, Socializing & Special Events. 
  4. Our Kits are Great in All Seasons offering Ambiance as well as Heat; they Add Another Season to Outdoor Entertaining. We offer a complete line of additional parts & accessories; Lifetime Log Lighters for every gas fire place, Table Top Fire Bowls that use 1 lb disposable tanks… 


TRADESMEN… You Have Already Sold the Job, Why Not UPSELL?

Why Not Ask YOUR Customers: “Would you like us to include a Fire Feature with your Landscaping… Pool… Patio… Deck… or… Event…?” Our Kits and YOUR Know-How always attract attention. A Fire Feature is an easy add on and becomes another source of revenue. Your Customers will love you for it, and it WILL be the talk of Your / Their project!

INSTALLERS… We Supply the Heart, You Supply the Soul!

The Heart: Our Lifetime Warranted Burners and Mounting Kits, the Propane Hoses, the Fittings and Connections, the Key Valves and Instructions. All of our burners and rings are made of the highest quality SS316 Marine Grade Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel (not the lessor 304 “tool grade” stainless). They will last not only for your lifetime, but also for that of your kids. Guaranteed in writing. The Soul: You create the setting. On a table, with stone, circular, vertical, converting an existing pit, attached to a waterfall… We have hundreds of examples. This is fun and Easy and Easy is our first name! Give us a call while we’re still on your mind! 813-600-5592


What does EasyFirePits™ HAVE that THEY DONT?

A Lifetime Guarantee  (316 marine grade stainless steel) on ALL of our Burners and Mounting Kits! Low Maintenance because our kits are Made To Last! We only use high quality stainless and brass on our hoses, burners, couplings, fittings, needle valves and such.. Our Kits offer Your Customer Easy On,  Easy Off, Lower the Heat, Raise the Heat… NO Wood, NO Blinding Smoke, No I’ve Been Camping Smell, No citronella oil or odor to smudge your clothes or taste buds. Just Long Lasting, Dependable DIY propane and natural gas parts and products, and an ever-increasing inventory. That’s the answer.

So What Can We Do For You? 

• Quantity Discounts
• No-Hassle Returns
• Possible Drop Shipping (On Replenishing Inventory or Special Orders)
• Excess Inventory Buy Back Period (New & Unopened Stock)
• Sales Banners; Online Videos, Gallery & Diagrams
• Customer Online and Phone Support
• Grab & Go Burners & Boxed 10x10x3 Kits


Give us a call or email today. sales@easyfirepits.com or 813-600-5592 

The Price Break structure is set at minimum orders of $1500, $3500, and $7500 and price breaks are set at 15%, 28% and 40% of this sites MAP prices; 30%, 40% and 50% off MSRP Retail.   Give us a call and we’d be glad to work with you. 

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