BURNERS & RINGS: All of our Burners and Rings are made of the Highest Quality SS316 Marine Grade Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel. The same stainless you see on Cruise Ships, not lessor SS304 “tool” or “grill grade” stainless that 99% of other companies produce. Easy Fire Pits’ burners are made to last for not just your lifetime, but that of your kids! And we put that guarantee in writing.  

YES, they can be MOUNTED IN  or ON SALTWATER or Water Features

-click above for a cool water feature video-

Lifetime Warranted 316 Stainless Burners

Round Burners

(FR) ROUND burners feature a central reversible 1/2″ gas supply hub. The 6″ is a single ring and all others are double ring burners.  

5 sizes; 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″ or 36″  

Bigger is NOT always better!

Coming Soon - Single Ring Burners 36", 48" & 60"

Straight 1-Piece Burners

(B / LL-B) Burners. 1-piece single burner with 1/2″ male pipe end gas supply. Twin rows of flame holes down entire burner (45 degree down from center on each side of the burner which makes for a wide flame path). Also available as a log lighter w/ low profile coupling attached. 

6 sizes: 6″, 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″ or 60″

1-Piece "T" Burners

(T) Burners. 1-piece design with central female 1/2″ hub and twin rows of flame holes down the entire burner (45 degree down from center on each side of the burner which makes for a wide flame path (equal to most other competitors H-Burners but in a single burner).  

5 sizes: 12", 24″, 36″, 48″ or 60″

3-Piece "TB" Burners

(TB) Trough Burners. 3-piece burner w/ central tee and (2) of our 1-Piece B-burners screwed into it. Best if you need larger burner than can be shipped; and great for fire walls where you can angle the burners. 6 normal sizes: 14", 26", 50", 74", 98" or 122", but can attach any 2 size B-burners even B36 + B48, with the TF3 (Tee), which makes a TB86 (7’2″ long burner).  

1-Piece "H" Burners

(H) Burners. 1-piece 7″ wide “H” design  with central 1/2″ hub and twin rows of burners, each with twin flame holes down each burner (45 degree down from center on each side of the burner which makes for a wide flame path). Recommend insert or pan size of minimum 10-12" wide on sides x 1-2" long on ends.  3 sizes: 20″, 30″ or 40″

Vertical Burners/ Torches

If you are looking at a VERTICAL burner, you are looking to create a post-top or table-top fire bowl, a fire sculpture or a “Tiki” type or custom wind resistant gas torch for your yard or business.  1 size; a B4 4″ vertical burner with 1/2″ male threaded supply end and (5) fire holes around the sealed polished perimeter end. Super efficient!  

Lifetime Warranted Marine Grade 316 Stainless Lifetime Gas Fire Pit Burners

Round Burners

  1. FR6
  2. FR12
  3. FR18
  4. FR24
  5. FR36

Linear Burners - Straight B Burners

  1. B6
  2. B12-90 (same as B12)
  3. B12-180
  4. B24
  5. B36
  6. B48
  7. B60

Linear Burners - Straight LL-B Log Lighter Burners

  1. LL-B6F
  2. LL-B12F
  3. LL-B24F
  4. LL-B36F
  5. LL-B48F
  6. LL-B60F

Linear Burners - Straight T Burners

  1. T12
  2. T24
  3. T36
  4. T48
  5. T60

Linear Burners - 3-Pc TB Burners

  1. TB14
  2. TB26
  3. TB50
  4. TB74
  5. TB98
  6. TB122


Linear Burners - Straight H Burners

  1. H20
  2. H30
  3. H40


Vertical Bowl/ Torch Burners

  1. B4
  2. B4K
  3. B4Bk

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