Canadian Customer Neil Parker Converts Wood Fire Pit to Gas

Super video from Neil Parker in converting his custom wood fire pit to natrual gas w/ an kit; step by step with his costs and time! We need more videos like this! And we'll reward you for it!! Thanks Neil !!!

Fresno Bee Video How to Make Flower Pot Fire Pit

This Great video was Fresno Bee camera person making a complete DIY Freestanding Tank In Table Fire Table with our ITCK+ Kit and FR12 Ring. 

Converting a Wood Burning Chiminea to Gas

Here is another great 10 minute project. the hardest part was the assembly of the chiminea; the easiest was the conversion! No More Smoke, No More Wood, Just Ambiance, HEAT and FIRE!

See our Step By Step PHOTOS of the Conversion - Click Here 

Torches and Fire Bowls in Action

4 video playlist showing our fire bowl as a functional piece of art as well as a torch thrown in a front yard for a party (and could easily be a permanent fixture as well). 

They Wanted A Cool Idea, Hope We Delivered! loves to see & show our customers creativity within our projects gallery. Especially for events. Here is an amazing, sorry Absolutely Amazing!!, Fire Tree inspired by a Dads and Daughters YMCA camping group. They dreamed it up and i hope we delivered. who wouldn't want this for their Holiday Tree?? See the videos or ask us to help with diagrams of what you need. Our torch in ground spike with 2' stainless pole, then 24" ring, 2 ft stainless pole, 18" ring, 2 ft of pole, 12" ring, 2 ft of pole and topped with a 6" ring! Can't say enough how cool this turned out. 

Our Amazing Virtually Windproof Torch Bowls

Our Torches and Bowls have been sent all over the world and reside in many of the Caribbean Isles and while they are not anything hugely fancy, they perform under pressure! Why not put one or a few in your back yard?  Many more videos online. 

Cutting Thru Glass / Making a Glass Gas Fire Bowl

Check out these 2 Great Videos. First is Making a Gas Fire Bowl out of a Department Store Glass Bowl including Drilling Thru It  and the 2nd is How to Also Drill Thu a glass top table.  

Another Customer Project

Great Step by Step Fire Table Built and thank you for the video! 

Does Your Firepit Whistle? Is it Your Hose?

We get many people that have pits installed or create one from local hardware supplies and wonder why there is a whistling sound? This may help!

To Use an Air Mixer or Not?

While air mixers seem to make sense, it's very important you understand the risks of using one with hi-pressure LP gas to determine if the risks vs rewards are worth the effort.    

Many More Videos Available

Many more video's but instead of showing them all here, we've put a link for you to follow instead. Enjoy and if there is anything you wish to see, let us know. 

UL/ CSA Doc Downloads

certification EFP docs (pdf)