While ALL our DIY Gas Burners and Components are rated and compatible with BOTH Natural Gas AND LP (Propane), our DK, CK, CK+ and ITCK+ kits are considered LP (Propane) only kits due to the Regulator or LP Gas Tank Connection they contain. And while our K++ Kit is sold for both pre-plumbed Nat Gas and LP, this is the ONLY KIT we designate for sale when speaking of Natural Gas (as no regulator is included or needed w/ pre-plumbed gas. 

Our Gas Kits - (Click Picture to Order Type)

Basic Propane "CK Kit" CK Basic LP DIY Gas Fire Pit Kit w/ Flame On/ Off/ Intensity Control at the Tank

 Universal COMPLETE BASIC Propane/ LP Fire Feature Kit - Control your fire on/ off and intensity directly from top of the LP Tank which must be nearby. *** NOTE *** If child or anyone spins the knob, fire can go from zero to 3-6 ft high flames quickly and easily.   

Deluxe Propane "CK+ Kit" CK+ Deluxe LP DIY Gas Fire Pit Kit w/ Key Valve Flame On/ Off/ Intensity Control

 Universal COMPLETE DELUXE Propane/ LP Kit - A tank can be anywhere; visible or not, 50' away, locked up… and on/ off and flame Intensity is controlled only via an inserted Key & valve at or very near the pit. Regulator can act as a throttle for the key at the pit. 

LP-In-Table "ITCK+ Kit" ITCK+ LP Tank-In-Table DIY Gas Fire Pit Kit

Universal TANK-IN-TABLE Complete Deluxe Propane/ LP Kit  - kit where the tank is located within the fire feature, or extremely close (like in a wine barrel fire pit, below fire table or in a fire bowl pedestal). Otherwise SAME as the CK+ kit but with smaller length hoses. 

Pre-Plumbed Gas "K++ Kit" K++ Pre-Plumbed Gas NG AND LP Compatible DIY Gas Fire Pit Kit

 Universal Deluxe PRE-PLUMBED GAS Kit (Nat Gas AND Propane/ LP Compatible with no orifices necessary).  Connects to the nearby gas supply with included 1/2″ female fitting, shorter hoses and the on/ off and flame intensity via an inserted key and valve at the pit or feature.

Disposable LP "DK Kit" DK disposable LP DIY Gas Fire Pit Kit

Universal CAMPING PORTABLE TANK or Table Top/ Portable Kit. Disposable 1 LB Propane tank fitting connected to a needle valve for on/ off and flame intensity control and includes our FRMK burner mounting kit and works with table top bowls, small burners and log lighters. 

Burner Mount "FRMK Kit" FRMK DIY Gas Fire Pit Burner Mounting Kit

Universal BURNER MOUNTING Kit - Sexy!  -  4" Fully Threaded Nipple and (2) 2.5" Threaded Washers to Attach any Burner to Any Surface (up to 3" thick). Ideal for putting fire bowl or burner thru an umbrella hole in a table or thru hard surface/ stone table top.