Using EasyFirePits Site to Create Your Own DIY Gas Feature

IT's Easier Than You Think! Easy Enough for a Beginner, Dream for a DIY'r


FIRST: what GAS will you be using? LP (Propane) or NG (Natural Gas)?

SECOND: What will you build or Convert? 

Fire Pit * Fire Table * Fire Bowl * Fire Wall * Fire Over Water * Wine Barrel Fire Pit * Gas Torches

One you know the above: is here to supply you the tools to EASILY tackle the task in 3 SIMPLE STEPS. 

1) PICK YOUR KIT (based on your gas source). Our kits should contain ALL the main components or GUTS as we call them; from gas supply fitting or regulator to burner mount. You will have most applicable CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS as drop downs w/ each kit as well. 

2) PICK YOUR BURNER  We have Round, Linear (Straight) "B", "T", "H", & "TB" (3pc), as well as Vertical (for Torches and Fire Bowls).  Remember BIGGER is NOT ALWAYS BETTER! Read the Catalog.  

3) CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT in most ways possible, quickly and easily; If you didn't already choose your options from our KIT Page, You can choose CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER HERE from the menu drop-down under "More" on the top of the site.  Choose from Different Supply Fittings, Different Regulators, Shorter/ Longer or Stainless Hoses, Color/ Size Options for Keys/ Valves, Choose a Pan, or just adjust Shipping Time. Quick and simple customizations is why we're called EASY Fire Pits. Can't find what you need, drop us a line about your diy fire pit project and include your phone number. We'll try to help as quickly as we can so you'll have your gas fire pit kit in no time.

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In the event there is anything wrong on this site and it prevents you from somehow ordering, please visit and let us know from the Home Page Contact Form. 

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Our Catalog has pricing, tips and tricks, as well as safety and "how to" information for all your applications. It's available on the Home Page or Click Here